My name is Stephanie Ann Hare, I am a women's empowerment mindset coach. My mission is to let women know that it is never too late to re-invent  yourself. Life is meant to be lived filled with joy, passion, good health, happiness, love, gratitude, adventure and abundance. Through the process of living we sometimes get lost in the shuffle and forget who WE are. I am here to let you know that through personal development you can recapture your zest in life and be the best version of yourself at any age personally, professionally and spiritually.
If you are a woman who has found yourself just going through the motions of living day to day but you are not engaged in life these programs are for you. If your life feels like it is monotone and almost flat lined these programs are for you. If you have it all and you are sad and lonely in life these programs are for you. Let's tap into that badass goddess that is dormant inside of you, let's wake her up and get her into the drivers seat of your life.
The "Trifecta" Raise your vibration, master your mindset , and manifest your desires are the three pillars we instill in every program to get you feeling good and into alignment. Clarity comes when you are on a high frequency then we can see exactly where you are now. Then with laser sharp focus we map out the plan to where you REALLY want to be. Mastering your mindset and flipping the switch from negative to positive we take the action steps to move you towards your goals. Using law of attraction and manifesting we set out your intentions and move you into the next best version of yourself. You implement how you would feel, look, what you would be doing and who you would be around. Your life is transformed as you now have added personal development to your everyday lifestyle. The love, confidence, happiness and abundance that arrives will blow your mind and awaken all your senses to the beauty that surrounds you in life daily. Your motivation, for your life, your career, your family and loved ones will soar. You will captivate everyone around you because you radiate joy, excellent health, beauty and contagious energy. The like minded high energy people will be attracted into your life and the negative ones will fall away. Opportunities will flourish and miracles and abundance will surround you. Your focus from money will change as you form a new healthy relationship with it. Living your life from love and gratitude you will open up an infinite stream of abundance you will be in flow and will not have to push, but can just be.  It is then when the true magic happens, when you are so happy in life, just to be alive all of your desires will fall into place. When you trust, believe and have gratitude for every little thing the universe will respond. Are you ready for a truly miraculous life? 

Are you ready for your transformation?

Have you gone through a dramatic change in your life that has left you wondering where to go from here? The kids have grown up, your career is not happening, your relationships are not what you dreamed of. You know in your heart that you were meant for something more, yet you are left wondering who the heck are you anyway. We rush around so much in life that we feel the clock ticking away and time running out.  I  know these exact feelings, I ended my 28 year marriage, my six kids grew up and the businesses I created just didn't turn out the way I had planned. So in my fifties I began my life transformation, I was out on my own searching for happiness, love, meaning to my life and then it finally came to me. I needed to fall in love with myself. It wasn't easy and I was very uncomfortable at times but during the process I discovered how to nurture myself, love my life and have gratitude for everything and everyone in it. Using personal development tools of mindset, raising my vibration and manifesting I have brought, joy, passion, love, happiness, good health, excitement, inspiration, gratitude and abundance into my life. By taking control of my life, seeking out knowledge, making a plan, setting goals, taking action steps and staying on track  I have created a new career and life of my dreams. 

Don't you want to become the BEST version of yourself and live the life that you have always desired?

Using all of the resources that I used to transform my life I can get you on your journey to your best life yet. 

Stephanie Ann Hare Empowerment Mindset Coach

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Course 3:  MANIFEST YOUR DESIRES is a one month course developed to give you all the skills and clarity on what it takes to manifest your desires into your life.  Learning to set clear  intentions and  not worry about the outcome is a big part of the manifesting process. Living as if you already have abundance and feeling gratitude  is key to manifesting your desires.  This one month program will get you well on your way to the concepts and practice of manifesting as a way of life.



stop talking


JOIN THE MASTER YOUR MINDSET CLUB, a year round private face book group that meets live on a zoom call once a week working on all the concepts of positive mindset. Together we  learn about fixed and growth mindset, limiting beliefs, self sabotaging, abundant or scarcity mindset, triggers, blocks, self talk and more. We have a safe space where we can discuss our weekly wins and cheer each other on to living the most positive high vibe life. The Club provides accountability partners and running buddies to keep you living up to your best positive potential.

$20.00 per month


Your Greatest Self.


MINDSET MASTERY: Is a four week program that teaches you how to identify limiting beliefs and drop  ones that are no longer serving you. You will also be able to add new beliefs to your lifestyle that are in line with the transformation in your life. You will also look at self sabotage, triggers and blocks that are holding you back from being your best self. You will look at your self talk and learn to re-word your language and pivot your thoughts from negative to positive on a daily basis


Course 4: RE-IGNITE YOUR LIFE  is a program designed to use all of the mindset techniques together to bring you to your best life ever.  This four week program takes a look at where you are at at this moment. We look at what has been holding you back and address any limiting beliefs, blocks, triggers, self sabotaging. We also address your mindset on scarcity and abundance. Together we map out a bullet proof plan to get you to your next level personally, professionally and spiritually. Then we add the new beliefs, morning rituals and create a positive daily lifestyle to maintain habits that will serve you for the rest of your life .




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Course 2:

CHANGE YOUR PHYSIOLOGY:  Is a one month program where you learn how to raise your frequency to energize and change your life at this moment. These techniques can be used daily to keep you feeling at your best and in the highest vibration aligned with love and gratitude. Like frequencies attract like frequencies so when you stay on a high vibration you attract good health, happiness, joy, opportunities, like minded people and abundance. Practicing pivoting to higher thoughts when you are surrounded by negativity you will learn how easy it is for you to control how you feel and go about your day. Once you develop a high vibe lifestyle you will find that negative people will drop out of your life and you will attract positive happy drama free people around you. Your life will become calm, you will gain clarity and you will open up to living in flow.



1.Master Your Mindset

2. Raise Your Vibration

3. Manifest Your Desires


Each of these three programs are one month in duration.

($1,200.00 each)



All three programs


($3,000.00) Bundle




Course 5.

Finding You

A three month journey into who you are, what you want and where you want to be. This course looks at how you feel about yourself and others and where you are at this current moment. We acknowledge your current situation and then accept how you got here. Then we address the beliefs that have brought you here. If they are not serving you we rewire your brain and add new  fresh beliefs. Using the techniques of mindset, high vibration and manifesting we let go of old behaviors and instill new positive routines. Adding these to your personal lifestyle you will feel better gain clarity and now  see where you want your life to be. We will lay out an action plan with small bite sized goals to get you to your main goal and to the next best version of yourself. In this program we go beneath the layers of old stagnant beliefs blocks and patterns that have kept you from living your best life and harvest the loving true person that you really are. By using mindset, law of attraction, visualization, meditations, affirmations, breathing, clean eating, upgrading your knowledge and surrounding yourself with positive people we will get you back to your highest state of being. with the tools you will learn here, you will be able to adapt new lifelong habits that will keep you vibrating and attracting the best life possible.


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