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Call in all of your desires

Use self love, energetics, vision, mindset to align with what you want to show up in your life.

8 weeks full immersion

Manifestation of your desires

12 live sessions in a private facebook group

lifetime access

self love

vision creation

observation of intuitive guidance

Access to more energy, anytime

Learn to scale the vibrational ladder


Integration of old self

and new beliefs



Stephanie Ann Hare Transformation manifestation coach


40 minute live 1:1 zoom call




Girls Gone Vegan Weekly menu planning Membership
$22.20 per month 3 month subscription
Detailed videos in the private group how to prepare and serve your delicious meals
Take your health to the next level:
Loose weight
Take care of your heart
Boost nutrition
Lower blood sugar
Decrease blood pressure
Protect yourself from certain cancers
Add more fiber and antioxidants
Reduce Cholesterol
Lower inflammation
Increase energy
promote good sleep
Better skin
elevate happiness


CREATE:   $111.00 

Welcome to this beautiful program where you create what you would like to see in your life over this next year.

Step into the drivers seat of your life creating a life/vision map celebration calendar. 


This is an interactive tool that you work at daily all year long.


There are monthly incantations, journaling space and celebration space.


Write in two action steps per week this speeds up manifestation as you take massive action 111 times 

In this four session live program we will discuss and implement how to set up your calendar and create a vision board to activate your manifestations with visual support

You will have lifetime access to this program and will turn to it year after year to keep you designing your best life ever!

Celebrate Your Body:  $444.00
6 Week live program
Meet twice a week in a private facebook group via Zoom
Life time access to the recordings
Get all the tools you need to live your best life ever.
Using these five pinnacles of life daily you will will feel fabulous and be able to increase your energy anytime you need to.
1. Self Care
2. Mindset mastery
3. Physiology
4. Energetics
5. Law of attraction
Using these techniques and adding them to your lifestyle you will be well equipped to create the most incredible life of your dreams!
Life vision mapping
Self love/mirror work
Daily gratitude 
Healthy lifestyle
Spirituality practice
Heart felt breath work
Mindset mastery
Shadow work/integration
Energy work
Set up high energy home
Masculine/femm balance
Principals of Manifestation
Meditation by the Sea

Get live 1:1 forty minute coaching zoom calls by appointment!


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Discover your BEST Self ever


MINDSET MASTERY: Is a life changing four week program that moves you toward a growth mindset.


You identify the resistance, limiting beliefs, blocks and triggers that have kept you stagnate.

Change your outcome by developing and instilling new beliefs and integrate your shadows so now you are completely whole all working for the same outcome.


 Enhance your lifestyle by addressing thoughts, self talk, language and learn to flip the switch and pivot from negative to positive thinking. 


Mindset is a game changer in your journey and will become part of your everyday lifestyle. 


 This session will give you the tools to eliminate any self talk, low vibe conversations or habits that are keeping you stuck in your daily routine. 



live coaching! 


per month

1 zoom calls per week

24/7 texting access

24/7 direct message

Meditation by the Sea

 Design your


Manifestatons is a one month live accelerator  intensive.

In thirty days you will discover  what manifestation is and how you can take control of your daily manifestations.


Embodiment of what you want to  become and being an  energetic match and aligning to it will be the key to the life you want to create.    


You will develop life changing  habits to take control of your journey and keep you on a high frequency . 

 Using these techniques you will develop a firm belief of the life you want to create. 


Key elements to manifestation are vision creation, alignment and understanding energy.


Know that everything is energy and radiates a frequency.

Like energy attracts like energy.  Letting go of logic and how and when things will come to you is an important part in manifestation.  


Seeing, believing , feeling and living as if you already have what you desire speeds up the manifesting process.


Addressing your beliefs and re -booting with positive fresh ones  will be covered as you adapt  Mindset mastery. 

Studying the 12 universal  laws  and physiology are key elements when taking control of the manifestations in your life .


You will no longer let life just happen to you.  Now you will be at the helm of your life, orchestrating every part of it. With trust and belief that the universe will deliver Letting everything unfold in divine timing.


Visualization,  alignment, being laser focused,  affirmations,  writing , stating clear intentions and following our intuitive nudges will map the way for you to take the action steps to your ultimate life. 


Identifying and integrating the shadows that present self sabotage, limiting beliefs and procrastination will allow you to move forward in a whole healthy best version of yourself.


You will emerge confident with solid decision making, leadership abilities,  surrendering  to live in flow and have trust that the universe always delivers.  


Living your life in gratitude and appreciation is Paramount in the transformation to manifesting your life. 

This event is taught live in a private Facebook group with a weekly Zoom call.



Mini intensive 4 week classes that will change your LIFE as soon as you start your practice! $111.00

These courses are designed to get the core information to you and can be implemented immediately.

Having a solid well rounded foundation in your personal development lifestyle is crucial to reach the highest version of yourself. These short courses are designed to bring big results in a short condensed amount of time. This is the gateway to your transformational journey. Use these courses to guide you to feeling great in alignment with love and your true nature. 


Once you have developed a overall practice then it will be time to commit and go all the way in with my in depth programs to give you all the information you need to change your life forever .


This curriculum is designed to take in an order that will explain the basic core principals to transform your life. Each class is stand alone and can be taken at any time of your journey.  


They are all beneficial to bringing awareness and life changing information to you and enabling to move into your best life ever!.

Each course in this syllabus is taught live 1:1 in a  weekly private Facebook group, we have a live Zoom call and you have 24/7 texting and messaging for any questions.


Curriculum: All programs are 4 weeks 1:1 coaching in a private Facebook group. 1 Zoom call per week and 24/7 messaging and text. 

Ease into Woo Woo: $111.oo

Learn all about the pseudoscientific teachings of the universe, energy, mindset, and manifestation. You will be well on your way to living a life in a high frequency attracting what you desire to you by the way you think and conduct yourself in life.

Alignment: $111.00

Get on the the road to feeling your absolute best and manifesting your desires. Here you will learn the principles to be able to get into alignment with the universe. This will be a daily practice and you will learn to recognize all the signs of being in or out of alignment.


You will use your thoughts to pivot back to alignment when you feel you are out. Learning that the Universe is here to help you and embracing its goodness will keep you where you need to be.


Knowing that the Universe is here to help you achieve what you want is paramount. Living with thoughts that the Universe is limitless and that everything you desire is already here, will encourage you to live now in abundance.


As you practice positive incantations , leaning in and living as if you already have what you desire, you will start feeling fabulous.


Living with passion  and shifting away from negativity and  creating positive thoughts daily you will become an energetic match for what you desire and the universe will deliver 



This four week program will dive deep into self care and help you put yourself first and foremost. Developing self love is key in moving forward to your best life ever.


Establishing daily rituals and routines to fuel your mind, soul and body is at the core of what I teach. Learning to play, have fun and let go of control and pushing in your life is crucial to well being.


Setting morning routines that set the tone of your day, practicing spirituality, and knowing your value and worth is key.


Leading yourself and others to greatness is a major component of your growth. Setting priorities and living by them will be the foundation of your life.


Putting yourself first and adapting values that are at the center of your being will be easy to implement. As you gain clarity  with how you want to feel, live and  conduct yourself in life you will create a life map that will keep you on track to doing exactly what fires you up and fuels your soul.

Cut The Bullsh**: $111.00

We are going to get REAL and RAW here!  


It's time to face the reality of what is going on in your life. Together we look into what is working and what is holding you back from the miraculous life you KNOW you are meant to be living. Addressing and removing limiting beliefs is key as well as instilling new fresh ones.


Are you the main reason your life is not the extraordinary magnetic exciting life it should be?


Let's find out what is the hold up and get laser focused on where you want to be. We will get up close and personal with fear, self sabotage procrastination and any resistance you have that is taking you DOWN.


Then we create a plan together how YOU want your life to be personally, professionally and spiritually.


Then you set up small easy action steps to reach the life that was meant for you!

Finding You:

A three month journey  to  the discovery of who you are, what you want and where you want to be.


This course looks at how you feel about yourself and others and where you are at this current moment.


We acknowledge your present situation and then accept how you got here. Then we address the beliefs that have brought you here. If they are not serving you we rewire your brain and add new  fresh beliefs.


Using the techniques of mindset, high vibration and manifesting we let go of old behaviors and instill new positive routines. Adding these to your personal lifestyle you will feel better gain clarity and now  see where you want your life to be.


We will lay out an action plan with small bite sized goals to get you to your main goal and to the next best version of yourself.


In this syllabus  we go beneath the layers of old stagnant beliefs, blocks and patterns that have kept you from living your best life.


Together we harvest the loving true person that you really are.


By using mindset, law of attraction, visualization, meditations, affirmations, breathing, clean eating, upgrading your knowledge and surrounding yourself with positive people we will get you back to your highest state of being.


With the tools you will learn here, you will be able to adapt new lifelong habits that will keep you vibrating and attracting the best life possible.

This curriculum is taught live in a private facebook group with a weekly live Zoom call. You also receive my book "Finding you" to journal and take notes throughout our studies. 


Three Month signature 1:1 coaching experience
The content in this 3 month 1:1 live coaching experience is life changing.
Designed with the four core quadrants of the ultimate life coaching experience.
1.Self care
2. Physiology/vibration
3. Mindset Mastery
4. Manifest your desire's
In this 3 month adventure we will be retrieving,  harvesting and releasing the loving confident person from within.
Step into fear and walk right through to the other side where the BEST version of yourself awaits.
You will live in control, knowing how to address the old thoughts, beliefs, triggers, and behaviors that have held you captive for so long. 
Pivot away from the negativity that can surround you and create the life of sheer magic, with love gratitude, appreciation, happiness and passion at the forefront. 
Develop the lifestyle of living at your very best and for the highest good of all.
Your professional life is fueled by doing work that you are passionate about and abundance will flow.
Your relationships bloom and flourish as you now have precise communication and are engaged in every moment completely. 
Start a daily practice to amp   up your self care routine.  
Watch  your level of energy increase as you become happier.
You will attract exciting people and opportunities into your life. 
Living in alignment you will  know how to pivot back when your frequency  gets low when faced with negative situations. 
 Feeling fabulous is now your way of life and you know that the more fun and play you have the more you manifest quickly into your life.
Living the Upper Echelon Life takes dedication, commitment, perseverance, structure, desire  and belief to live the life of your dreams.
It's up to you...
Are you ready for this?
Decide, commit begin

Here is what my clients have to say:

I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie through her 6-week coaching program. I had been recently laid off and was having a difficult time finding direction on what to do next. Stephanie help me so much!! She helped me to get clear about what I really wanted to do Not just what I thought I should do!! She helped me rediscover my passion for creating and helped me to build my confidence to know that I could succeed. She also gave me great practical advice for setting up my business. I looked forward to our weekly chats! If you feel stuck and need help to find clarity on what to do next I highly recommend working with Stephanie!! She’s amazing!!

By Sherry Pauda

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