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I am a women's empowerment manifestation  coach that assists women of any age to go after their dreams and live their best life ever! I assist you to dig deep within and discover your true loving self.  Adapting and practicing the four core principles that I used to up level my life will get you into alignment and well on the way to living the life you have always known you were meant to live . The foundation of all of my coaching programs is to 1. Practice self care, 2. Change your physiology and raise your vibration. 3. Master your mindset and then you are ready for 4. Manifesting your desires. These four core components will change your life forever and when added to your daily lifestyle will take you to the best version of yourself eveer!


Stephanie Ann Hare

Founder Planet Gratitude Clarity Coaching

I have been of service for many years working with people at all different levels. Using my vast training and blending my many skills that I have obtained over the years it was only natural that at this point in time that I would become a women's transformation manifestation coach. Having the vital experience of being a nurse, a freelance caregiver, a restaurateur, a television producer, a radio personality and the mother of six children only made sense to re-educate myself to become a coach at this time of my life. Taking the practitioner program at Multi Viewing in San Francisco, California has given me the knowledge and confidence to create my own business and programs. With the guidance and inspiration of my mentor Dan Seda I developed Planet Gratitude Clarity Coaching, a place where women can re-birth their lives and together we can co-create a woman who has clarity, is confident full of love, gratitude, joy, passion, excitement abundance and fully engaged in life. 

Stephanie Ann Hare

Women's empowerment MANIFESTATION coach

Meditation by the Sea



Your thoughts are the only thing you can control


Artful Table Arrangement

Live life from love and gratitude

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